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3 Easy Steps to Convince Your Principal or PTA to Sign-up for Pali Institute

By Annie Jackson & Bridgette Janes

As we talk to administrators about the incredible benefits of Outdoor Education, we are often asked how they should position the conversation with principals and PTAs to gain approval.  We believe there are 3 steps to cover as you open this conversation.

1. Focus on the Benefits of Pali Institute's Outdoor Education Program.

  • The Pali program cultivates confidence and enthusiasm in students and innovative teacher-leaders. 
  • Environment-based learning helps build critical thinking, and relationship skills by emphasizing questioning, investigations, and interpreting data; analyzing, and developing conclusions to ultimately solve real problems. 
  • As trees replace classroom walls, outdoor education creates an increased focus and improves cognition in your students.
  • Camp creates a bond between students that is a great tradition for starting off your school-year or ending it on the perfect note.

2.  Qualify our Educated and Experienced Staff

  • We only hire the most highly trained outdoor staff who have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and possess a variety of science and teaching credentials. 
  • Everyone who comes into contact with students on the Pali property has had a thorough background check, guaranteeing your students safety while they are here. 
  • For the unforeseen events, our instructional staff are certified in both CPR and First Aid.  We also have two full-time registered nurses on site, with one being available 24/7. 

3.  Rave about our Accommodating Scheduling & Flexible Payment Plans

  • If school is in session, we are in session! We currently offer dates in Spring (January - June) and Fall (September - December)!
  • Due to our high return rate of 93%, our returning schools will always have a place at Pali unless you notify us that you would like to switch your date to another available date.  
  • We have dates to match your budget.  If you need a lower price point, we can find your date to meet your budget.  
  • Flexible payment plans are available with a business office experienced with working with over 300 schools, both public and private, from all socio-economic backgrounds on an annual basis.
  • We can guide you on fundraising ideas and ways to defray the cost for your students.


Pali Institute is the leader in Outdoor Education. With over 300 schools attending on a yearly basis, we have a depth of knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed.  We are also held to over 100 professional standards through our accreditations with AEE (Association for Experiential Education) and WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges).  

Pali Instructors lead every aspect of the Pali experience, so visiting teachers can supervise the program, catch up on work using our facility-wide WiFi or sit back, relax, and watch their students engage! Leave it to our program to provide the appropriate student to teacher ratios.  Teachers are provided with semi-private lodging throughout their stay, as our instructors are in-cabin with students.  

Not only are we a nut-aware facility, but we offer a variety of dining options including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free to accommodate almost any dietary situation. Everything served at Pali is made in-house, even our bread and desserts.

Pali Institute has a professional videographer and media team that photographs, video-tapes, and gets drone footage of the students during their stay.  Your school trip video is viewed by the students before they leave Pali and provided to your staff to share with parents as a tangible memory of the students' time at Pali Institute.  

Come EXPERIENCE the PALI difference! Contact us to schedule a free site tour!