Keith Thomas

Group Leader at the Outdoor Education Group in Victoria, Australia

Keith Thomas of Pali Institute

Hometown: Wolfeboro, NH

Education: Bachelor of Science in Adventure Education at Plymouth State University

When I started at Pali, I was in-between jobs and not sure what was supposed to be "next" in my life. I was only planning on teaching at Pali for one semester, from January until June 2014. Indeed my plans changed; I became influenced by those I worked, lived, and played with before re-signing the contract to stay on longer. Pali allowed me to open up to the world around me, challenging me to grow in ways that I never thought a small New Hampshire boy could grow. Pali played an important stepping stone that helped mold me into the outdoor educator I am today. With the new knowledge I've absorbed from my two years working at Pali, I now find myself currently teaching outdoor education in Victoria, Australia. I have recently made the slow curve from teaching in a rural setting - at Pali - to educating students out in the field through journey based activities. I have learned to make my outdoor classroom portable and flexible to accommodate climbing, rafting, hiking, canoeing, surfing, skiing… trips of all sorts from 3-21 days in length.