Teachers who have brought their students to Pali Institute have a lot to say about our programs. Learn about their firsthand experiences by watching these interviews.

Stacey Cooke & Duke Windsor

Teachers at Manhattan Beach
We love the advanced science curriculum and the growth in the size of camp. New additions, such as the dining hall, allow everyone in our group to dine together and no longer dealing with the hassle of splitting up.


Stacy Barajas

Teacher at Hayden Elementary
The rope course allows kids to totally transform, help each other and encourage their friends. Our students love shooting the bottle rocket, the astronomy lessons and learning about the outdoors with their friends.


Anne, Samantha, Julia

Chadwick School
Being from Southern California, our students were able to enjoy the snow during our winter visit. Although we were all well prepared for the weather, Pali Staff brought extra hats and gloves for our morning zipline just in case. Our students loved the night walk and the outdoor skills class. Students loved creating their own shelters and learning about their surroundings.

Cissie Andrews

Parent Organizer with C3
We love being able to choose classes for our students, such as science, leadership and team building. We were a homeschooled group, so we have been able to bond and do classes in a different way, such as being a team. Instructors were energetic and on top of the curriculum.


Samantha Kaufman

Teacher at St. Pius X
We decided to upgrade from a 2-3 day program during our first year to a 5-day program. We couldn’t believe the quality of the food, some of us ate better here than we do at home. Also, we loved watching our students challenge themselves and have the support to go outside their comfort zone.

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