What to Expect


Pali’s dedicated kitchen team works hard to deliver delicious, child-friendly meals every day. Most meals are made from scratch; we even bake our own breads and cakes in our in-house bakery.

We can cater to a variety of food sensitivities and restrictions. Please call us to speak with our staff to discuss your child’s dietary requirements. We may ask you to send supplemental food to be prepared by our kitchen during mealtimes. (Pali is a nut-aware facility and our kitchen does not prepare food with peanuts or tree nuts.)

Sample Menu

Meal Sample Menu
Monday Lunch
  • Rice
  • Orange chicken (or plant-based option)
  • Mixed veggie stir fry
  • Miso soup
  • Spring rolls
  • Salad bar
Tuesday Breakfast
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Bacon
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Cheese eggs
  • Cut fruit
  • Cereal
Tuesday Lunch
  • Chicken fingers
  • Mini corn dogs
  • Mac and cheese
  • Salad bar
Tuesday Dinner
  • Pasta
  • Meat Sauce
  • Red sauce without meat
  • Mixed veggies
  • Salad bar
Wednesday Breakfast
  • Pancakes
  • Eggs
  • Sausage
  • Veggie sausage
  • Cut fruit
  • Cereal
Wednesday Lunch A bag lunch for departure or a hot lunch if you arrive or stay until Friday!

Cell Phones

Pali Institute has a strict no cell phone policy. We want students to get away from technology for the duration of their trip and enjoy the experience. Additionally, for safety reasons, we want to know with whom students are communicating while at Pali. Any technology capable of connecting to the Internet will be collected and given to your school’s teachers for safekeeping. Cameras are always welcome, provided it is separate from the cell phone.

Camp Store and Pre-Orders

If you would like to place a pre-order (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc), please visit our online store or contact the camp store at store@palimountain.com.

Your school will let families know if students will be visiting the camp store during their trip and if they will need to bring money. Items in the camp store range from $1 up to $40.

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