What to Expect

The Pali Institute experience is great not only for students, but also for teachers.

Our program is highly unique in that your school has the opportunity to select your own classes while here, and you are not responsible for the daily supervision of your students.

At Pali Institute, we offer 30+ classes (daytime and nighttime) for you to choose a specific curriculum to meet all the needs of your students. Pali Institute instructors will be teaching the classes for your students, supervising them during any free time and sleeping in the cabins overnight with students.

As a visiting teacher, you have a great opportunity to learn about your students outside of the classroom. Our program has been specifically designed to allow you, the visiting teacher, to participate alongside your students, observe them in an outdoor classroom environment and watch them expand their comfort zones. While you are not required to attend any classes, we highly encourage you to visit and participate in as many classes and activities as you can.

Pali instructor helps student with ropes course harness
Girl in pink sweatshirt draws bow during Pali archery session

Your involvement will greatly enhance your students’ experience, along with your own. Pali Institute also provides a teacher’s lounge for all our visiting teachers to relax. Included in this lounge are televisions, a microwave, refrigerator, and a coffee maker.

We also have wireless internet access if you wish to bring your laptop. Please feel free to bring extra food (nut-free) and beverages if you desire, though meals are provided. If you have any questions about what to expect at Pali Institute, please do not hesitate give us a call!

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