Specialty Programs

Wilderness Program

Embark on a journey into the Pali Outback.

While carrying all of their own gear required to sustain in the wilderness, students work together as a team while learning about themselves and what they are capable of in the San Bernardino Mountains. Over the course of the expedition, qualified trip leaders guide the students through this immersive experience full of challenges that will strengthen their understanding of the environment, others, and themselves. Students are able to develop an authentic appreciation of nature and grow into self-sufficient empowered versions of their former selves.

View through trees of sun setting behind low cloud cover

Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership, more than just another trust fall

Your high school leadership team is more than a face on the screen. Mix real-life leadership skills with physical and mental challenges in a safe environment. Develop your team’s abilities and strengthen their commitment to goals and each other with a Pali Institute Advanced Leadership program.

High Ropes

Team Building

Teambuilding for Athletes and Clubs

After a year or more of limited training, high school clubs and teams are finding mental and physical focus tough. Training and teambuilding time in the San Bernardino mountains is just the prescription to bring your group together.