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Thanks for choosing Pali Institute! We’ve put together this page to help you plan and keep all the important information in one place.

Student Paperwork

Student paperwork is completed online via a secured database, Campdoc. The alpha list or student list template is below, once it’s completed with the students who are attending, it can be returned to the assigned visiting school coordinator (VSC).

The VSC will upload this into the CampDoc database and each family will receive an email with login instructions to complete the paperwork. The trip planner will also be assigned a separate login so they can see as families complete the paperwork. Paperwork is due from families a week prior to the trip.

Class Selection

In selecting classes for a field trip, schools are welcome to choose a variety from what Pali offers, or they can choose from one of our pre-designed packages.

Trip Length Single-Day Trip Three-Day Trip Four-Day Trip Five-Day Trip
Day Class Sessions 4 7 11 15
Evening Class Sessions 0 2 3 4
Teacher Time Activities 0 1 2 3

Cabin and Activity Groups

The visiting school coordinator will let each school know how many cabin and activity groups to split students into and provide a worksheet template to help organize the lists.

As a rule of thumb, cabin groups are 10-12 students and activity groups are 14-16 students. Completed cabin and activity group assignments should be sent back to the visiting school coordinator one week before arrival.


Please communicate with Pali Institute if the school or district has any specific regulations about medications, including what is required for a field trip and if over-the-counter medications can be used. For example, Pali Institute only requires permission from parents for over-the-counter medications, but often some districts require doctor’s paperwork beyond that.

The morning of the trip, please collect all medications from students and their families. Medications should be:

  • In the original container and noted on the health form
  • Packed individually in plastic bags labeled with the student’s name and school name
  • Placed all in a box labeled with your school’s name for the Pali nurses.

Please be aware that our nurses CANNOT distribute any medications or vitamins unless they are in the original container and noted on the health form. Any medications in pill boxes will not be distributed.

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