Teachers who have brought their students to Pali Institute have a lot to say about our programs. Learn about their firsthand experiences by watching these interviews.

Joe Tonan

Teacher at Sumner/Danbury Elementary

The accommodations that the staff provides for all our students to be able to participate in every activity, all our teachers and students look forward to our Pali trip year after year.

Kyle Russo

Teacher at Bathgate Elementary

While looking for an outdoor education program we were looking for something safe, a strong curriculum and some fun, Pali had it all. They had amazing staff and were able to accommodate our large group of students.

Michelle Kleindienst

Teacher at Bathgate Elementary

Pali is constantly improving and growing. At the end of the school year, students always write about how much fun they had and how their trip was the best time of their life.

Kristin Robinson

Principal at Sumner/Danbury Elementary

We have chosen Pali because of their bonded staff, ability to accommodate all our student’s needs, so all students can participate. Our students love the rope courses and the squid dissection, the rope courses have become a bit of a right-of-passage with our students.

Jean Gradia (with Justin Pierce)

Cold Springs School

At Pali students learn skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving, which teaches them individual skills as well as life skills. Students learn from not only the teachers they are familiar with, but the well-trained Pali Staff as well.

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