Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership, more than just another trust fall

Your high school leadership team is more than a face on the screen. Mix real-life leadership skills with physical and mental challenges in a safe environment. Develop your team’s abilities and strengthen their commitment to goals and each other with a Pali Institute Advanced Leadership program.

Designed for high school clubs, student body leadership and senior retreats. Our certified instructors guide students through classroom and outdoor education to explore communication, problem-solving and teambuilding.

Three days of inner exploration and leadership skills

We start with exercises to promote teambuilding with an emphasis on clear and direct communication. Our instructors encourage innovative and creative problem-solving to reach goals. On the field, students learn and demonstrate archery skills, with an emphasis on developing self-confidence, approaching something new with a growth mindset and stretching towards a goal.

We do not neglect the support side of the equation. Being a team player does not always being the leader. Discussion and exercises emphasize the qualities needed to support leadership as well. On the high ropes course, your group can expect a physical challenge as well as an exercise in building self-confidence and effective communication.

The group journey at Pali Institute ends with a period of reflection on the experience, acknowledgement for others and a newfound confidence in stepping outside their comfort zone.

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