Teambuilding for Athletes and Clubs

After a year or more of limited training, high school clubs and teams are finding mental and physical focus tough. Training and teambuilding time in the San Bernardino mountains is just the prescription to bring your group together.

Train physically at high altitude and let our qualified instructors lead your group through proven exercises to focus their mental talents on the journey together.

Teambuilding program highlights

Use our 6,286 feet altitude to your advantage. Our backcountry trails and athletic fields are at your disposal for physical conditioning. With certified instructors and guided discussion, let your team practice clear communication and stepping outside their comfort zone on our high ropes course. Trust, accountability and teamwork are the keys to success.

Our instructors will guide your group though an advanced team challenge, with an emphasis on functioning smoothly as a unit and reaching goals. Finally, help your team face their fears and up their mental game on our over the canyon zipline.

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Pali Institute has extensive experience in outdoor education designed to develop leadership, trust and teamwork in natural surroundings. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you leverage an unforgettable experience with your sports team or club.