Best 5th Grade Camp in Southern California

5th-grade students may like to think that they are big kids, but they are still very much kids.

This means they are naturally curious, like to ask questions, and they love to be hands-on. They have a lot of energy and prefer to learn through hands-on activities like field trips and experiments.

You may be searching for great ways to for your students to learn and have fun. You’ve already pinned all your favorite ideas on Pinterest. You’ve read blogs for teachers and magazines for parents.

Through your research, you’ve come across the idea of bringing students to Science Camp. You love the idea! You know your students will love a chance to be hands-on with science material outside of the classroom.

You want your students to have fun, and you want them to have a quality educational experience too. Where do you find the best 5th-grade science camp in Southern California?


There are many great camps for students in Southern California. It is a beautiful place, with many places for hands-on teaching moments. How do you find the best one for your students? You will want to make sure a camp offers the following things:

  1. Great accommodations
  2. Qualified instructors
  3. Convenient location
  4. Accreditation
  5. Good student to teacher ratio
  6. Curriculum tied to state guidelines


Accommodations are important for everybody! Your students need a great night’s sleep (even if they don’t think so). Your students also need to have necessities like privacy in the bathroom and shower. Having great accommodations make for a better experience.

Pali Institute offers mountain cabins that feature built-in bunks. The cabins have heated flooring and private bathrooms.

Visiting teachers can relax in a semi-private area with access to a teacher’s lounge. The teachers’ lounge has access to wi-fi and satellite television. This is a great opportunity to plan next week’s activities!


When looking at science camps for your students, one of the first things you look at is the quality of instructors. Do the instructors have previous experience working with students? What are their credentials?

At Pali Institute our staff is highly trained and well-educated. Our instructors have bachelor’s degrees, and a variety of other science and teaching credentials. Included in our staff are two full-time registered nurses.

Our instructors create a learning environment that is fun for students They have a passion for the outdoors, as well as education.


Parents don’t want to be far away from their 5th graders. Even if the students won’t admit it, they don’t want to be far away from Mom and Dad either.

A location that is close to emergency services is important. Sometimes accidents happen, and you need to have access to medical help in case of an emergency.

Pali Institute is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, in Southern California. Our camp is located on a beautiful 250-acre property. We are within 1.5 hours of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties.

Pali is also within 3.5 hours of Las Vegas. In case of emergencies, Pali has a paramedic station located less than two miles away. The closest hospital is located in Lake Arrowhead, which is 7.2 miles away.


Pali Institute is proud to be the only outdoor education program accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC). WASC holds us to more than one hundred professional guidelines and standards. This means that your 5th graders are receiving the best education.

Pali Institute is also accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE).  Our outdoor education adheres to an experiential model of learning. This means that your students are learning through experience.

Pali Institute maintains high standards for learning material and participant safety/ risk management.


As a teacher, you are aware of the importance of having enough teachers. If there aren’t enough teachers, then students won’t get the individual attention that they need. It also means teachers have a harder time keeping students engaged.

The National Center for Educational Statistics found that the average student to instructor ratio is 18:1. At Pali Institute we offer an in-cabin supervision ratio of 11:1 and 16:1 instruction ratio for group activities.

Students get the attention that they need from our instructors. They are able to ask questions and dive deeper into the learning material.


Pali Institute adheres to state educational standards in Arizona, California, and Nevada. This means the curriculum offered is great for your 5th graders.

Pali offers customized programs to suit your individual school’s requirements for grades 4th through 12th. Teachers can choose from a three, four or five-day program.

From a selection of more than 30 class modules, teachers can create an educational experience perfect for their students. Pali’s classes are separated into three categories: Leadership, Science and Outdoor Education.

Pali Institute offers a full schedule with five 90-minute class sessions. Some class modules are “double sessions”, which are 180 minutes in length. The double sessions offer a more in-depth learning experience.


Your 5th-grade students will leave camp at Pali Institute with a stronger understanding of the world around them. Students report that Pali gives them a renewed enthusiasm for science and learning.

Want to give your students the opportunity to stretch themselves mentally, physically and emotionally? Students use teamwork, problem-solving and solid science and leadership skills at Pali Institute.

What’s the best 5th Grade camp in Southern California for your students? Pali Institute!

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