Best Luxury Science Camp in Southern California

To some, camping may mean taking a vigorous hike and setting up a tent on a mountain ledge. Others may dream of casting fishing lines on a quiet lake with their kids. For many people, however, camping means dirt, bugs and freezing cold water.

Some people love the great outdoors but are not necessarily equipped- either literally or figuratively-  for its rigors. If you love this idea of learning from nature but would prefer not to leave your hot showers and indoor climate control at home, glamping  (glamour + camping) might be for you.

Even glamping has many different manifestations! From yoga in a yurt to a wild science course with professional outdoor educators, there are a wide variety of ways to satisfy a love of the wilderness without leaving indoor plumbing behind.

We have outlined some of the reasons we think Pali Institute is the best luxury science camp in Southern California.


Pali Institute offers its students incredible opportunities for hands-on learning in a natural California mountain environment. Pali’s instructors have just as much heart for the love of learning, as they do for their students. The Pali Institute curriculum is customizable to student ages, school requirements, and classroom development.

We are proud to be the only outdoor education program accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Pali Institute program mixes 90 – 180-minute class sessions of Outdoor Education, Science, and Leadership with evening leisure programs. There is never a dull moment!

Students “unplug” from devices and distractions while at Pali. They are fully immersed in the Pali Institute environment. We provide the instructors, curriculum, cabin supervision and more.


The Pali Institute science curriculum modules follow the state guidelines. Through engaging, experiential learning, students can put theoretical knowledge to work. For example, through the examination of biodiversity in the forest, dissection of marine animals or even physics out on our ropes course.

Teachers are welcome to participate. The Pali curriculum is meant to be delivered by our staff, so teachers are not required to do any instructional time while at camp.


While hanging around the campfire and singing silly songs is a traditional experience, building a campfire and hauling the ingredients for s’ mores up the side of a cold, wet mountain is less fun. Part of the Pali Institute experience is enjoying your activities, without having to put in the drudgery.

Students have a chance to participate in some amazing programs in the evenings. Check out the list below of some of the evening activities available for students!

  • Movie Nights
  • Night Hike
  • Pali Jeopardy
  • Astronomy
  • & MORE!


Pali offers students community, unique outdoor education experiences, and connection with their peers. Starting with the state-of-the-art dining facility, Huckleberry Hall, the Pali Institute experience is truly best-in-class. Meals are served buffet style, with vegetarian, gluten-free and other dietary considerations in mind.  No “mess hall” food in a box served here.

The day at Pali begins with a hearty All-American breakfast, usually with fresh fruit and freshly-baked breads. The next two meals include two main dishes, sides and a full salad bar. The food at Pali Institute is freshly prepared, from scratch, daily– including our own in-house bakery. Our facility is nut-free and our food service staff is well-versed in preventing allergen cross-contamination.


The resort-like treatment doesn’t stop with our kitchen, though.  Our 250-acre property includes several different meeting areas and state of the art classrooms. We provide full a/v equipment for our large meeting sites and full classroom equipment in our daily classes.

Although Pali Institute looks and feels like an isolated mountain retreat, we are proud of its modern and state-of-the-art student facilities.


Students live in cabins with bunk beds (no sleeping on the ground!) Cabins have full climate control and two or three private bathrooms with showers.  Students may bring their own sleeping bags or bed linens can be provided at an extra charge.

Adults stay in single or double rooms with twin beds and a private bathroom. Although we encourage students to unplug from the outside world, we understand that teachers often have other priorities.  Wi-fi is provided in most of the public areas of Pali Institute.

Our bathrooms, classroom areas, and dining hall are cleaned daily by our housekeeping staff and thoroughly deep-cleaned between groups. No camp potties here!


Pali Institute maintains a fully trained staff to assist students with any activity. Safety equipment for our ropes course, for example, is safety checked at the beginning and end of each use.  We maintain a well-stocked first-aid station. A nurse is on-call and on-site 24 hours a day.

For true emergencies, Pali Institute is just seven miles away from the nearest hospital. Police, fire and emergency services can reach Pali within 4 minutes of a call. It is rare that we need them, but we participate in regular drills.


Luxury science camp gives you all the educational opportunities of the classroom, the wonders of nature, plus the comforts of a resort. At Pali Institute you will find time to spend with your students, go about a different way of learning and do it without too much of a culture shock. You don’t have to suffer to learn, appreciate nature and, unplug.

The Pali Institute experience makes memories, educates students and introduces the next generation to the natural world of the San Bernardino mountains.

For more information on which programs best fit your curriculum needs, contact our team today!