Best Outdoor School Near Lake Arrowhead

A traditional school is a place where you strive to teach your students everything they need to know to lay a strong intellectual foundation. You want to give them essential skills like math and communication while also giving them a distinct knowledge of the world around them through science and history. However, there are always ways to enrich your students’ educations, and one impactful option is a field trip to an outdoor school. If you’re looking for the best outdoor school near Lake Arrowhead, here’s what you need to know.

What Is an Outdoor School?

As an outdoor school, Pali Institute offers short-term educational experiences for up to five days at a time. During their field trip, students will be able to experience learning from a whole new angle. They’ll learn about subjects like science, physics, art, and more by seeing the concepts in action within their environment.

What Makes Pali Institute the Best Outdoor School Near Lake Arrowhead

Pali Institute goes beyond providing a unique experience for your students. We also have a reputation for creating more enriching, fulfilling field trips for kids and teenagers alike. Our facility can offer a range of strong advantages for teachers and classes throughout the area.

Experience in Education

Every teacher has ended up with a field trip or two that was dubious in its educational quality. Instructors at these sites often know their single subject well, but they don’t have experience teaching or working with students. At Pali Institute, on the other hand, education is our top focus. Our instructors have valid teaching credentials, so they’re well-versed in the principles of learning as well as classroom management. As a teacher, this means you can spend the time observing and learning yourself rather than playing the disciplinarian.

Taking Advantage of Our Surroundings

Pali Institute is located near Lake Arrowhead and in the gorgeous San Bernardino mountains. We’re lucky to have such a natural and undisturbed location and we use it to its full potential. Our instructors use the environment to give students first-hand knowledge in subjects like ecology, botany, biology, and more. Instead of just learning about the anatomy of various trees, for instance, students can investigate it for themselves and compare one breed to another.

Planning Alongside Classroom Teachers

Our Pali Institute instructors are passionate about giving your students the best education they can get during their stay with us. At the same time, we recognize that your visit is merely one part of an overarching curriculum. We also respect that you know your students’ needs, backgrounds, and ability levels best. As a result, we plan each class’s trip as a coordinated effort with you. We allow teachers to choose from a long list of lessons and learning activities they want us to offer their students. This also allows you to plan ahead and coordinate the trip to Pali Institute with your unit planning. For example, you may choose to follow your Pali trip with a unit on local wildlife so students have a way to visualize what they’re learning.

Emphasis on Experiential Education

It’s well-known throughout the teaching community that the best way for a person to learn something is for them to experience it for themselves. This is our key philosophy at Pali Institute. In fact, Pali Institute is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education. From squid dissection to forestry, we lead students on a journey to discover new information through their own experiences. Not only will this allow all of your students to develop a more in-depth understanding of the material but it’s also a special opportunity for students who struggle to learn from textbooks and lectures. Experiential learning is a chance for them to recognize that they’re just as intelligent as their peers, even if it comes in a different form.

Great Availability

Whether you’re planning a field trip for 30 students or 500 students, logistics are a serious challenge. To make sure as many students as possible can participate, you need to plan around holidays, exams, sporting events, and more. To help you with this, we conduct Pali Institute sessions throughout the entire school year. This also allows you to choose your timing based on the material you want to cover. For instance, if you want to focus on plant life, you can schedule your trip for the spring when students can see the regrowth first-hand.

Combining Education and Health

As vital as education is, schools today are putting more and more emphasis on their students’ health as well. A trip to Pali Institute puts both of these issues on the top of the priority list. Many of our educational sessions include an active component, like hiking to identify various plants and look for signs of wildlife. Depending on the options you choose, we can also teach students several healthy games they haven’t tried before, like gaga and archery.

Class Bonding Time

You already know what Pali Institute can do for your students’ educational abilities and their physical health, but did you know a trip like this can benefit them socially as well? By getting students away from the typical stresses of a traditional school environment and allowing the class to enjoy a new adventure together, you’ll give them an opportunity to get to know each other better. On top of having fun with their educational experiences, your students will also be able to enjoy fun evening entertainment like dancing, a variety show, games under the stars, and more. All of these shared experiences contribute to a healthier and less stressful environment long after they return to their usual school routine.

A Learning Experience Your Students Will Remember

Even the best of students get bored or disinterested from time to time. As a teacher, you’re always on a mission to keep your students engaged and to provide them with authentic educational experiences. A trip to Pali Institute can be the perfect way to break them out of their routines and give them a rare degree of experiential learning that they’ll remember for decades to come.

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