Best Science Camp Near Los Angeles

Science tends to be one of those subjects that students either love or hate. Unfortunately, many students lean toward the latter. In reality, science could pique many more students’ interests if they knew what amazing things that knowledge can do. The challenge is finding a way to show this to them.

Pali Institute’s science camp is all about bringing students out of the classroom and giving them a unique, hands-on experience. Find out why we’re known as the best science camp near Los Angeles.


Pali Institute essentially offers extended field trips. Schools can plan a three-day, four-day, or five-day adventure for their students. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of science-based courses for your students to enjoy during that time, from squid dissection to exploring electromagnetics and building a working generator. Our focus is on experiential learning, which our skillful instructors deliver in the natural beauty of the San Bernardino mountains.


There’s no shortage of field trip opportunities around LA and Southern California, but Pali Institute offers a range of unique benefits.

Practical Application

In a traditional classroom, you’re pressed to cover a large amount of material in a short amount of time. While this is intended to give kids an extensive education, the truth is that it limits teacher primarily to lecture-style teaching. Pali Institute breaks from this format and gives students an opportunity to see all those theories, laws, and formulae in action. They’ll also be able to learn about new concepts they haven’t yet seen in the classroom, all while gaining a more concrete view of their science lessons.

Educational Focus

There are plenty of field trips and camps that focus on fun, seeing learning as a byproduct of the experience. Unfortunately, these field trips tend to add little value to the students’ educations.

This isn’t the case at Pali Institute. As a learning-focused organization, we’re accredited by the Association of Experiential Education. Our objective is to enhance your students’ knowledge and we find creative ways to do so, rather than organizing fun activities and looking for ways to sprinkle in some learning.

Skilled Instructors

There may be no statement that’s falser than, “Those who can’t do, teach.” Teachers need to have knowledge of the learning process and a gift for communicating with students along with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they’re teaching. We take this seriously at Pali Institute as well. Our instructors have educational credentials in addition to experience in the specific courses they’re teaching. As a teacher, this allows you to spend your time observing and even gathering ideas for your own future lessons.

Standards-Applicable Lessons

As wonderful as it is to see that light click on in a student’s eyes when you see that they understand something they were missing before, every teacher also needs to think about their state’s standards. In fact, many teachers feel that they don’t have time to take their students on field trips because they need to stick to a tight schedule in order to get through all of the necessary standards for the year.

Because education is our top focus, our team at Pali Institute has aligned our courses with the state standards in California, Nevada, and Arizona. You can offer students an authentic, enriching experience while also checking some boxes off your own list.

Rare Degree of Experiential Learning

Not only is it part of every teacher’s college education to learn about various learning styles, but it’s also become common knowledge that not everyone learns well from lecturing, reading, and other types of classroom work. The trouble is that experiential learning can be time-consuming and expensive.

Pali Institute offers a level of experiential learning that few students receive in their lives. They have an opportunity to put down their textbooks and learning about scientific concepts and ideas by seeing them in action. For students who have always struggled with classroom work, this can even be a turning point in their lives. It’s an opportunity for them to see that they aren’t unintelligent – they just need a different type of experience to be able to learn.

Class Bonding Experiences

Education may be the key focus, but schools serve many other purposes for students of all ages. It’s a place where they can interact with peers and adults alike, learn social skills, and form healthy friendships. Fostering friendships among your students can make your school a more positive, learning-conducive environment, and the experience of a group getaway like Pali Institute can support this. In addition to their lessons, students enjoy fun evening activities and spend a few days making memories and enjoying new adventures together. This creates a bond they wouldn’t be likely to form when they only see each other from 8am-3pm.

Enhancing Scientific Interest

Every teacher wants their students to know their subject well, but you always want them to genuinely love the subject. Many students may think they don’t like science, but in truth, it’s just the theoretical aspect that they dislike. Pali Institute’s experiential learning camps provide an opportunity for kids to experience what science really is. They’ll even be able to get a taste of some science-based careers, which could help younger and older students alike find their future careers.

Catering to All Learning Styles and Levels

Students are far from carbon copies of each other. They each have different learning challenges, strengths, and communication styles. As a teacher, you want to be able to provide every student with the best learning experience possible, no matter what their starting point may be. Our skilled instructors at Pali Institutes have the training and expertise to be able to do so. We can customize our instruction for accelerated students as well as those who struggle or students with special needs.


Teaching is more similar to parenting than many people realize. You want to give your students the world and set them up for successful, fulfilling futures. You’re tasked with balancing fun with practical necessities. A field trip at Pali Institute strikes the perfect balance.

To find out more about what we have to offer, contact Pali Institute to speak to our staff today. We think you will agree that we are the best science camp near Los Angeles.

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