Best Science Camp Near Phoenix, AZ

Liking science isn’t the same thing as liking science class.

According to a new study by AmGen Foundation and Change the Equation (advocates for STEM education), 81% of students surveyed like science, while only 37% liked their science class. This shows that teenagers are interested in subjects like physics, biology, and engineering..

Students aren’t interested in learning about science from a textbook. Many teenagers find hands-on experiences, like field trips and experiments, to be most interesting.

Learn why Pali Institute is the best science camp near Phoenix.


Think back to the time when you were in science class. If you remember any of your science classes, the ones you remember are most likely the classes where you had fun. A teacher at camp needs to not only be well-educated and highly trained but have a passion for science.

By bringing high energy, and enthusiasm to learning about science, teachers find that students have more interest in learning. Teachers at science camp help make learning fun by keeping learning fresh, interesting and hands on.

Hands-on learning has many benefits for students. Using this type of learning method has been proven to lead to better retention of the learning material. It has also been found that as students learn by doing, they are also improving their problem-solving skills!


Pali Institute offers its students incredible opportunities for hands-on learning in a stunning natural mountain environment. From squid dissection to weather experiments, students will be sure to engage in the learning material.

Pali’s teachers have a passion for outdoor education as well as for science. Since Pali offers a customizable learning plan to meet your school’s requirements, science camp is a great addition to what your students are already learning.


Students at Pali’s science camp will be taking part in 8 different classes. Each class gives students an opportunity to get hands-on with what they are learning. After a full day of learning in 90-180 minute sessions, the students have evening activities. There is never a dull moment at Pali. Check out some of the classes listed below!


Geology is the study of the Earth and how it works. Geologists study some of society’s most important problems such as energy, the environment, and natural disasters. Natural disasters can strike at any time. In this fun class, students will learn how to be aware of and plan for a natural disaster.

Students will learn how to predict natural disasters. They will also learn how to incorporate safety in the infrastructure of buildings they will create. Through simulations of earthquakes, floods, and landslides, their designs will be put to the test.


Complete with wind tunnels and rockets, this is sure to be a blast for your students!

In this course, students will take part in a traditional rocket launch. Students will also use their engineering skills to create aerodynamic Lego cars. Their engineering skills will be tested as their Lego cars are put into wind tunnels.

Students will learn how to read and use the data collected from the wind tunnel experiment. They will also learn how to improve their Lego car designs.


Your students won’t be releasing the Kraken, so no worry for danger!

They will, however, get the chance to dissect a squid! Students will learn about adaptation as they are guided through the process of locating appendages and examining the organs of a squid. Students will also learn about the importance of cephalopods (squid or octopus) in an ecosystem.


The criminal justice system is an important part of our society. Students will learn about the field of forensics and how important it is to criminal justice.

Students will learn to work together by forming an investigative unit. Their unit will work together to solve a mystery. They will not only collect evidence, but they will analyze it as well.

This course will allow students to get hands-on with comparing fingerprint patterns, blood types, and handwriting samples. As students work together they will strengthen their deductive reasoning skills by ruling out suspects together.


This isn’t a Queen song, but a class created to teach students about changing weather patterns.

Students will gain basic meteorological skills and learn the specifics of seven different weather tools.

Through hands-on activities, students will explore various forces that create changing weather patterns. Students will also learn how to use a barometer to record atmospheric pressure, as well as anemometers to determine wind speed. By learning these skills students will then be able to make scientific weather forecasts!


Students will learn experiential science methods and will get plenty of practice using them.

Pali Institutes recently renovated pond is home to many macro and micro vertebrates. Students will get a chance to test the chemical composition of the pond water and evaluate the health of it.

Students will learn to apply their observations and knowledge to the real world. They will also learn about the importance of water conservation.


In the evening, students have a chance to participate in some amazing programs at science camp. Some of the programs are just for fun, while other programs will help students with important things like group bonding. Check out some of the evening activities available for students!

  • Movie Nights
  • Pali Jeopardy
  • Astronomy
  • Night Hike
  • & MORE!


Pali Institute sits on a beautiful 250-acre property where students are able to learn through hands-on field-based activities. Pali offers students in science camp unique outdoor education experiences as well as connect with their peers.

Science students leave science camp at Pali with a stronger understanding of who they are. Students also have a renewed enthusiasm for science and learning. During science camp students have created new friendships through team building exercises.

As students learn to work together as a team, they also learn how to respect one another.  Students who visit Pali Institute don’t come home the same.

What’s the best science camp near Phoenix for your students? Pali Institute!

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity for your students, be sure to contact us today!