Field Trip Planning

How to Fundraise for Outdoor Learning Field Trips

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You’ve gotten the approval from the administrative board, the PTA are in love with the idea, and you know the students would benefit greatly from going beyond the classroom… so you’ve made up your mind, YOU’RE GOING TO CAMP!

Looking for a place to start? Discover our 3-step guide to kickstart your fundraising.

Step 1: Start By Researching Funding Opportunities

So you’re planning an outdoor education field trip, but first, how are you going to fund it?

It can be stressful as you try to gather the finances together for the trip, but it doesn’t have to be. In a STEM/STEAM-driven educational system, trips based around science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (aka Pali Institute) are what organizations are looking to fund! Spend some time researching grants and other funding opportunities online. As you do, compile a list of what’s available. There are so many fundraisers, grants, and scholarships that are ready to help a school like yours get to a camp like ours.

Step 2: Narrow In On All Your Options

Choose the right fundraising grants & scholarships for you. 

With all of the foundations out there, it is important that you utilize your time wisely. Take the options you’ve found and decide which ones you want to apply for. By being selective, you can spend more time on creating a stellar proposal, increasing your chances at being the chosen one. You will find that each of these organizations have a list of qualifications for eligibility, so start there. Make sure that you aren’t reaching into the dark for funding. Know what you are looking for and what it takes to get it.

Step 3: Figure Out Timelines & Apply

Who is going to put the application together? Do you need financial statements & supporting material? 

Once you have found that you are eligible, figure out the deadline dates. A lot of organizations have a window of which you can apply, don’t miss it! Next, find out who can actually put in the application then gather all that you need to proceed. Do they need some sort of financial statement or a written letter from your district? Pali Institute can help with your proposals as well, let us know what supporting material you will need for processing! From there, it’s grant writing time! There are a number of other resources online for this process.

Explore Grants, Scholarship & Funding Research:

Research can be time consuming and as fellow educators, we understand. There are too many options out there for you to give up your search. To take a little stress off your shoulders, check out the list below. Maybe one is for you and maybe it’s just help to get the gears moving to find one of your own. Either way…Don’t stop, believin’! Hold on to that feelin’, yeaa.