Field Trip Planning

Packing for your Outdoor Education Trip

So you’re coming to Pali.

You’ve been hearing about the trip from your teachers for weeks, and now the time has finally come! You’re leaving in just a few nights… how will you prepare?! Well, open up your suitcases and pack in all these tips and tricks on what to bring on your trip to Pali Institute.

Think from your feet up!

First, you’ll need shoes. We are located in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest, and our campus is very hilly. So while your fresh Vans or high tops may be fly for school, you should pack more supportive sneakers if you have them. While you’re at it, throw in an extra pair of shoes just in case it rains or snows here. We are outside almost all day, and walking around with wet feet is basically the worst. If you have a pair of waterproof shoes, hiking boots, or snow boots, these would be a great back up. If your shoes are wet, your socks are too, so bring at least enough pairs of socks for every day PLUS a pair!

Working our way up

You will of course need a pair of pants, underwear, and a shirt for each day you are here. We’re not strutting down catwalks here (unless you’re at one of our High Ropes Courses!), so choose comfort over fashion, as you will be moving around a lot.

The absolute KEY to packing is “LOL.”

Yeah, there will be tons of laughing out loud, but that’s not what I’m referring to.. No, what you will need is Lots Of Layers!

It gets very cold at night when you’re up 6,400 feet above sea-level (altitude). And if you are here anytime from November to April, it can be very cold during the day, too! Be sure to pack a sweatshirt or two and a big jacket you can wear on top of your sweatshirts. If you are coming during those colder months, you will also want long underwear (or some sort of extra pants layer), a warm hat, gloves, and maybe even a scarf if you want to be fancy. In reality, you can never have too many layers. You can always leave extra layers in your backpack or cabin if it turns out you don’t need them; but if you didn’t pack enough, you won’t even have the option. Stay warm my friends.

The most important thing

Now that we’ve got what to wear covered, there are a few more things you’ll need in order to enjoy your time at Pali.

The most important item? Your water bottle! Any reusable water bottle is necessary to bring on your trip; when you are at such a high altitude, the air is thinner and it is much easier to become dehydrated. Dehydration can make you feel tired or grumpy, make your head hurt, and/or make you lose your appetite for all the yummy food Pali has to offer. That is no fun!! The opposite of what we want. So be sure to pack your water bottle. You can also bring a day pack to carry it in since you will need it everywhere you go at camp. Inside your pack, throw in some lip balm, a pair of sunglasses, and some sunscreen. You could add some pen and paper as well if you want to write a letter, take notes, or draw during your visit.


Finally, for the time you are in your cabin,

you will need either a sleeping bag or bedding for your bunk bed (twin mattress), as well as a pillow, and a set or two of pajamas. While you can’t use your flashlight during night activities, it is definitely nice to have in the cabin and walking around at night before or after your activity. Don’t forget your hairbrush, towel, shampoo, toothbrush/paste, and any other toiletries you need to stay clean and healthy during your visit.

You won’t be in your cabin for loads of time while you’re here, but if you want to pack slippers, a stuffed animal, or anything that will make you feel cozier and more at home during your visit, feel free to bring it!

Last but not least

If you are bringing any medications with you (an inhaler, Epi pen, vitamins, anything!) make sure you are bringing it in its original packaging, and you should turn it into your teachers as you get on the bus to come to Pali! Label everything you pack with your name just in case it happens to get misplaced; that way, we can easily find it and get it back to you!

Don’t forget that you will be carrying your bags from the bus to your cabin, so you want to make sure that everything is pack up nicely and easy to carry!

Now your bags are packed, you’re ready to go! We’re waiting here, and we look forward to your trip! See you soon!