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Want to experience a hands-on education encounter all in the great outdoors? Pali Outback is for the next generation of Institute learners.

Embarking on a three-day, two-night journey into the Pali Outback. While carrying all of their own gear required to sustain in the wilderness, students learn to work together as a team and learn about themselves and what they are capable of in the San Bernardino mountains. Over the course of the expedition, qualified trip leaders guide the students through this immersive experience full of challenges that will strengthen their understanding of the environment, others, and themselves. Students are able to develop an authentic appreciation of nature and grow into self-sufficient empowered versions of their former selves.




At Pali Outback, our mission is to introduce experiential education to young people by providing progressive learning experiences that extend far beyond the classroom walls. Through our newly-developed, exclusively outdoor curriculum and seasoned outdoor staff, students will experience the thrill of seeing, touching, and fully immersing themselves in their surrounding environment by living, learning, and thriving in the outback for three days.


Pali Outback offers a customizable and exclusively outdoor curriculum for students, grades 7 through 12. Educators can choose from several different modules, including field ecology, leadership, and survival skills. Building off of this, specific lessons can be selected from modules already found within Pali’s Outdoor Education, Science, and Leadership topics, all of which are sure to capture students’ interest and imaginations.

Our Outback modules are woven into each students’ overall outdoor experience as they hike and camp in the San Bernardino National Forest. A full day will consist of hiking to each night’s campsite, exploring the forest ecology and chaparral landscape, learning valuable outdoor skills, and working cooperatively as a team to be successful in a new and unfamiliar environment.


Our highly skilled Outback education staff provide around the clock care and instruction for students during their trip. Our Outback leaders have extensive outdoor and backcountry experience and Wilderness First Aid certification, with many possessing Wilderness First Responder certification as well.


Students will be camping throughout their trip with Pali Outback, but that doesn’t mean that their accommodations are typical. Our students stay in floating hammock tents among the trees in the San Bernardino National Forest. Students will stay three to a tent with our instructors staying in tents next to them.

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Pali Outback is a subset of Pali Institute, which is proudly accredited by both the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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