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Community Puzzle

Boys hold colored puzzle pieces in snowy area
1 Class Session, 1.5 Hours

Students assemble a dynamic puzzle by creating pieces depicting their personal thoughts, growth, and experiences during their trip to Pali. Reflecting on the lessons learned about themselves and each other, this is the perfect closing event for a school visit.

What’s Covered

A guided reflection and discussion about the student’s experience at Pali Institute. The students can express in a drawing, poem, or any other creative way how they felt during their days at Pali.

Lessons & Activities

Pali Reflection

With this guided reflection, students can reflect on their time here at Pali and have an open discussion about what they enjoyed about and learned on their trip.

Drawing the Community Puzzle

The students can express how they feel about Pali and their experience on their puzzle piece.

Sharing is Caring

The students can use this time to share what they did with their puzzle piece with their classmates and instructors. At this point, you can put the puzzle together to see the end result!

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Three students laugh together at Pali Institute
Raving Reviews

What People Are Saying

I loved my experience at Pali. In my time as an instructor, I was able to develop many skills in the classroom as a teacher and as a leader. I would highly recommend this position for anyone who would like to start a career in the Outdoor Education Industry.

Alicia G., Instructor

Thank you so much for an incredible week. The kids are jazzed; parents are more jazzed. Your team is incredible, and the planning and execution for a top notch science/outdoor education/leadership camp is celebrated. We are so glad we found you.

Danielle V., Teacher

Impressive! This is our first time to Pali. I have taken students to four other SoCal science camps and I would highly recommend Pali and plan to return next year.

Janice K., Educator

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