Outdoor Education

Students gain a greater understanding of the world around them in a natural and beautiful California mountain environment. Trees replace classroom walls as we get outside to learn by exploring trails, shooting arrows, building shelters and more. Students experience a deeper connection to the natural world through interactions with animals at our Nature Center, and create deeper human connections with each other as nature replaces technology.

Animal Survivor

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students learn the importance and dynamics of food chains/webs and how species depend on one another for survival. In a fast-paced activity, students are assigned an identity: carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. They must search for food while avoiding predators: their peers!

Art in Nature

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students delve into their creative side while exploring the art potential within our forest! They make their own paint, binding and designs solely out of natural materials. Students finish by creating artwork based on the work of British nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

Extended Day Hike

Students gain the knowledge, skills and comfort level needed to hike in the wilderness by exploring the San Bernardino National Forest. They receive appropriate gear and supplies to prepare them for this 3-hour excursion. Students explore several different types of environments and are rewarded with sweeping views. Teachers can choose the focus of each hike.


1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students find their sense of direction by embarking on an expedition. They learn how to navigate through the forest using compasses and coordinates. By the conclusion of this course, students understand the various skills involved in planning travel from point A to point B.

Outdoor Skills

2 Class Sessions (3 hours)

Mixing nature's beauty with outdoor survival, students learn the Ten Essentials for any outdoor trip. While in the forest, they band together as a team to build emergency shelters, build fires and cook food in an outdoor setting.

Forest Ecology

2 Class Sessions (3 hours)

Students hike through the forest to explore and learn about the ecosystems around them. They identify plants, study animals and learn about the impact of forest fires. Hands-on activities teach the history of the forest as ecosystems come alive before their eyes.

Day Hike

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

In this introduction to modern hiking ethics, students learn eco-responsible philosophies such as "Leave No Trace." Each school selects their focus for a hike, such as visiting our Nature Center or Greenhouse, shortened versions of our Forest Ecology and Outdoor Skills classes, birding or one of our many other fun-filled options.


1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Learn about the history and mechanics of archery, one of the oldest arts and means for survival. Students are introduced to the basic physics of a bow and arrow, as well as the proper handling of this ancient device. Armed with this knowledge, they participate in target shooting.