Wilderness Program – Pre-Built Packages

Each of our backpacking expeditions can be customized to fit specific trip goals. Pali Outback offers a more flexible schedule than our traditional program, so the Pali trip leaders can take advantage of teachable moments foregoing more formal classes.

Trip focuses include Leadership, Ecology and Wilderness Skills.


As students progress though the trip and the challenges involved in backpacking, they will be given the time to reflect on leadership, debrief their experiences and discuss what makes a good team, and the qualities of leaders they would like to emulate.


Students will learn about plant and animal adaptations, human impact, and discuss issues facing our forests today. Taking time to reflect on the environment around us, students will improve their knowledge of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Wilderness Skills

Taking full advantage of the experience in front of them, students will learn the tips and best practices for survival in the great outdoors. They will end the trip with a better understanding that it’s not just a walk in the woods.

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