Field Trip Planning

Top Reasons to Attend Pali Institute in the Fall

Pali Institute offers field trips throughout the school year, but our favorite time in the mountains are the fall months! Read through our top reasons to plan a trip in the fall.


Don’t wait until the end of the school year to get to know your students

Year after year, our teachers remark that they wish they had done their trip earlier. The fall gives students the chance to get to know each other and their teachers. You’ll find the bonds that are made during the trip will impact the class throughout the school year.


Flexible Pricing

We understand that funding (and fundraising!) for field trips is a big part of the decision making process. We have set up our pricing so that our more price conscious customers can take advantage of lower pricing during our less in demand dates.

Fall trips will need parent’s involvement earlier, so plan fundraising accordingly and work to build relationships with next year’s parents during the previous school year. Pali can offer webinars in the late spring or provide materials for parent nights to help support your families.


Better Weather

Our fall months offer beautiful weather and long days to take full advantage of it. During the fall, we also have more outdoor offerings, such as our Deep Creek Hike, Pali Outback (backpacking trips), and our seasonal classes: Fresh Water Biology and Living Fossils.

Month Average Highs/Lows
August 79/54
September 73/48
October 61/39
November 50/31


Fall is Slower Paced

Do you ever feel like the spring comes and there are ten things going on each weekend filling up your schedule? Students, especially older one have less on their plates in September and can fully relax while spending time out of the classroom.

We find that most school schedules stay consistent in the fall as well, so no need to worry about a choral concert or district event that pops up, affecting your trip.


Take Advantage of our Flexibility in the Fall

With the fall vibe and warm weather, we can offer a lot of flexibility in the fall month. Think outside of the box, how can you customize your trip to meet your needs?

  • Join us for a shorter term trip, single overnight or day trip.
  • Take a class session or evening for teachers to spend with their students.
  • Do a non-curriculum class to help students pace themselves during a longer trip.
  • What else do you have in mind? Let us know!


Contact us today to chat about trip planning.