Best Middle School Camp in Southern California

It takes a special type of person to work with middle school students! From all the changes taking place in their bodies, to their intense desire to impress their friends, it’s undeniable that this age group is hard to keep focused.

With all that energy, how do you keep middle school students focused in a positive way?

You keep learning fresh, interesting and hands-on. You talk to them in language that they can understand and want to hear.

Middle school students like to ask a lot of questions if they are learning about something they are interested in. How do you make camp interesting?

Read on to learn how the best middle school camp in Southern California answers.


Creating an environment where kids want to learn begins with the instructors. A great teacher for middle school has to be able to capture their student’s interest and keep it. Any middle school teacher knows that in order to do this, they have to make the material fun.


Think back to the time when you were in middle school. If you remember any of your teachers, the ones you remember are most likely the ones who made learning fun. A camp instructor needs to not only be well-educated and highly trained but have a passion for outdoor education.

Working with middle school students means that year after year a teacher must bring high energy, and enthusiasm to the learning material. It’s important for this age group to know they matter and are valued. Teachers must be able to show that they care through a commitment to making a difference in the lives of their students.

Our experienced instructors at Pali Institute help make learning fun by keeping learning fresh, interesting and hands-on.


There are many benefits to hands-on learning for students. It is proven that using this type of learning method leads to better retention of the material. As students learn by doing, they are also improving their problem-solving skills!


Pali Institute offers students incredible opportunities for hands-on learning in a natural California mountain environment. Pali’s teachers have just as much heart for the love of learning, as they do for their students.

Pali offers a customizable learning plan to meet school requirements. Not only do students have a lot of fun learning, but teachers also select from more than 30 class modules.


Students at Pali take classes in three fun categories (Outdoor Education, Science & Leadership). After a full day of learning in 90-180 minute sessions, the students have evening activities. There is never a dull moment at Pali.


Through Pali’s outdoor education students gain a better understanding of the amazing world around them. Classrooms give way to a beautiful California mountain environment. Students have a chance to interact with natural plants and animals as well.

As they step away from technology, they are able to build a better connection with the nature around them. Students are able to create stronger relationships with friends too! Pali Institute maintains a strict “no technology” policy for students.


Science can be a difficult subject for many students. Pali Institute uses hands-on field-based activities to science to life. Showing students that science can be fun, students engage with many scientific disciplines. From crime scene investigation to squid dissections, students are given new enthusiasm for science.


Leadership training at Pali Institute helps students appreciate diversity, forge strong friendships, deal with peer pressure, and learn mutual respect.

Students learn these things by participating in team-building activities, goal setting, and outdoor group cooperation. These skills not only help students survive middle school but thrive when they reach the professional world.


Students have a chance to participate in some amazing programs in the evenings. Some of the programs are just plain fun, while other programs help with group bonding and more learning. Check out the list below of some of the evening activities available for students!

  • Movie Nights
  • Night Hike
  • Pali Jeopardy
  • Astronomy
  • & MORE!


One great thing about hands-on learning is the opportunity to create community. As the students work together in teams they are forming new friendships. By working as a team outside of a classroom, students are able to get to know their peers in a way they may not at school.

Pali Institute doesn’t just help students, but it helps teachers too! Working in an outdoor environment away from the scheduled tasks of every day, it allows teachers to see their students in a different light. It helps them think creatively for new ways to engage their students.


Are you looking for an opportunity for your students to encounter the great outdoors? Are you looking for a way to provide your students with some hands-on education outside of the classroom?

Check out Pali Institutes Outback program! This is a chance for your students to experience wilderness in a way they haven’t before. As they embark on this immersive and challenging three-day, two-night journey, students will learn how to become self-sufficient in nature.

While carrying their own gear, students will learn to work together in the San Bernardino mountains. They will not only learn about themselves, but their understanding of the environment will be strengthened.


On Pali Institute’s 250-acre property, students have fun learning through hands-on field-based activities. Pali offers students community, unique outdoor education experiences, and connection with their peers.

Students leave Pali with a stronger understanding of who they are. They have a renewed enthusiasm for science and learning.

Students have learned to work together as a team. They have learned how to respect one another and handle peer pressure. Students who visit Pali Institute don’t come home the same.

What’s the best middle school camp in Southern California? Pali Institute! To learn more about this wonderful opportunity for your students, be sure to contact us today!