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Outback Astronomy

Group looks at night sky during Pali Institute astronomy class

Under a night sky unblemished by light pollution, students stargaze and learn about the cosmic expanse beyond. Outback campers will see the night sky and learn about navigating by stars, enjoy a tour of the seasonal constellations, and hear the myths and legends of these celestial bodies. Students will be able to sit back and soak in the Milky Way Galaxy and expand their astronomical knowledge, and perhaps spot a shooting star or two.

What’s Covered

After a long day of travel, students will sit back and enjoy the stars. Sharing the knowledge they have about the night sky and with the instructor adding more they will talk about the constellation they see, planets and their movement as well as the moon.

Lessons & Activities

  • Planets
  • Constellations
  • Stars
  • Moon

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Student in pink jacket looks at night sky with binoculars
Raving Reviews

What People Are Saying

I loved my experience at Pali. In my time as an instructor, I was able to develop many skills in the classroom as a teacher and as a leader. I would highly recommend this position for anyone who would like to start a career in the Outdoor Education Industry.

Alicia G., Instructor

Thank you so much for an incredible week. The kids are jazzed; parents are more jazzed. Your team is incredible, and the planning and execution for a top notch science/outdoor education/leadership camp is celebrated. We are so glad we found you.

Danielle V., Teacher

Impressive! This is our first time to Pali. I have taken students to four other SoCal science camps and I would highly recommend Pali and plan to return next year.

Janice K., Educator

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