By engaging in outdoor group cooperation, teambuilding activities and goal setting, students will forge strong friendships, learn mutual respect, appreciate diversity and deal with peer pressure. In a natural California mountain environment, students will practice advanced methods of leadership and gain essential interpersonal skills to help them throughout their lives.

Advanced Team Building

1 - 2 Class Sessions (1.5 - 3 hours)

These group interactions incorporate the insights gained from previous team building situations, moving on to challenges of greater complexity. A minimum of one session of Team Building is required to progress to Advanced Team Building.

Balloon Rescue

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

In a fun twist on the classic Egg Drop Experiment, teams of students create a protective contraption for a water balloon. Students learn group dynamics by choosing roles associated with their project. At the conclusion of the experiment, students discuss the scientific principles of the drop and the teamwork involved.

Building Support

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students design and build a structure that will support one of our instructors. With only rope, wooden dowels and a lesson in knot tying, students must work together to complete this highly creative activity.

Where Do You Stand?

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Through role-play and discussion, students explore the concepts of morals and ethics and how both apply to individuals and society. Students learn how an individual's personal experiences can affect ideals and decision-making, expanding their understanding of current events.

High Ropes Course

2 Class Sessions (3 hours)

Our most popular activity provides adventure and human development at heights up to 45 feet in the trees. Students build confidence in themselves and each other as they encounter an array of challenges. They finish with a guided debrief of their successes and challenges, learning how the lessons learned can be applied to their everyday lives.

Team Building

1 - 2 Class Sessions (1.5 - 3 hours)

Students develop communication and problem solving skills with a series of challenges that are designed to develop a cohesive team dynamic. Based on your school's specific strengths and goals, we provide a comprehensive team building progression.

Canyon Zip Line

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Experience the thrill and sights of our Canyon Zip line! Take off from one mountain ridge and sail 800 feet to the other side. (Zip line is an additional cost, contact us to learn more.)

Community Puzzle

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students assemble a dynamic puzzle by creating pieces depicting their personal thoughts, growth and experiences during their trip to Pali. Reflecting on the lessons learned about themselves and each other is the perfect closing event for a school visit.

Culture Shock

1 Class Session (1.5 hours)

Students gain an increased awareness of each other and group dynamics through challenging simulations. They divide into two groups with unique cultures and take turns observing and immersing themselves into the other culture in an effort to increase awareness and sensitivity.