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Staff: The Backbone of Pali Institute

The Backbone of Pali Institute

Instructors are what make every students’ trip to the Pali Institute memorable. Yes, we are in a beautiful location, serve amazing camp food, and have top notch facilities,  but it is our instructors who truly make the Pali experience unique. They lead the children in chants, games, camp songs, as well as teaching them high quality and hands on curriculum. We want our students to be as engaged as possible with everything they do when here at Pali and our instructors are who make that happen.


Instructors come to Pali with different backgrounds but what everyone has in common at Pali is their love of working with children and being outdoors. Our staff’s passion shows in the work they do day in and day out. Each and every staff member wishes to share their passion with all students. Whether they are teaching leave no trace principles on a hike, up on one of our high ropes’ courses, or helping build bottle rockets, our staff love extending their passions to every student that comes to Pali.


The majority of our staff come to us after achieving a four year degree. Many have studied either Environmental Sciences, Outdoor Recreation Management or Education. The wide range of interests on our staff leads to well-rounded role models for our students. Whether your student wants to be an engineer or hike the Pacific Coast Trail when they grow up, they will have someone to look up to while they are here with us at Pali.


For those staff who have not yet achieved their degree we offer an internship program allowing time to continue their education with hands on learning. Our interns are able to bring new ideas to our program. We offer internships in all areas of our program including, education, leadership, and management. Interns have the unique ability to take the knowledge they have just learned in their classes and apply it to better the program we run here at Pali. With new ideas flowing and the guidance of our experienced leadership team, interns are a great asset to bring new ideas to life.


Our instructors have a wide range of experiences before they come to us here at Pali. One experience that is shared throughout many of our staff is working for summer camps. Working as a camp counselor gives our staff a perfect background for Outdoor Education. We combine the silly fun antics of summer camp and the curriculum developed by our Education Coordinators here at Pali. This is why the Pali experience is so special.


Without the fantastic instructors we hire each season, Pali could not run. We rely on our instructors to bring our vision to life and they are always exceeding our expectations!