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Feedback from CUE’s Virtual Exhibit Hall

CUE’s mission is to transform teaching by connecting educators with ideas, resources, and each other to use technology to prepare all students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

One of our attending teachers connected us with CUE last year, they shared with us how aligned they felt our learning opportunities are with the goal of innovation that CUE members share and we were excited to learn more!

Last month, we participated in the Spring CUE’s Virtual Exhibit Hall! This virtual opportunity was run though AlludoPlay’s platform, allowing attendees to interact with us and provide feedback about what they learned. We’ve complied some of the responses we received and added links to help those with similar questions!

Meet Pali Institute

  • Had never heard of Pali Institute before but the programs look awesome! I like the programs for team building and leadership.
  • My school has been taking fifth graders to Pali Institute for four years and we LOVE it. The experience is irreplaceable for our students and our staff loves it too!
  • I like that the outdoor camp incorporates science throughout the experience.
  • When I taught in Arcadia, we took our fifth graders to Pali for 3 days. Quite the experience!
  • I know our schools have been on Outdoor Science Trips, but I did not know that Leadership options were available. I would be interested to learn more.
  • I haven’t heard of this program before. I am wondering about the costs involved.

Learn More About Pali Institute

  • I like the slogan “We Bring Textbooks to LIFE”! It is a memorable experience to be able to stay in a cabin and for many it is the first time they have ever stayed overnight ANYwhere else!
  • I learned about how the program connects to common core standards. I love the different modules and activities available to support learning.
  • I learned that Pali Institute has 3 focuses: Outdoor Education, Science and Leadership for grades 4-12. Programs can be customized from over 30 programs that align with California State Standards and NGSS. Such programs helping to inspiring personal growth in students best supports me in my role as an educator.
  • I have never heard of Pali Institute before. I live at the base of the mountain and am amazed that you are right there in Running Springs. I like the idea of the teachers’ lounge and restrooms in the cabins.
  • I learned about the amazing products that are available. I also learned about the top-tier service and support that is available.
  • I learned that Pali focuses on Outdoor Education, Science, and Leadership. I think it is very important for students at this age have a chance to learn real world leadership techniques.

What I Like!

  • I like that the program focuses on group dynamics. I also like that there are over 30 course programs. I like that students learn more about science concepts.
  • I like that it is experiential education. The kids come back different kids- confident and they have made new friends that they know they can trust. The zip line is the most memorable obstacle they overcome. I like that it is Running Springs, a mild climate for many who can’t afford to go to the mountains and/or travel to different climates in our state. No harsh extremes and wonderful weather in California for a great learning environment.
  • Wide range of activities depending on what you are looking for. I am interested in the leadership aspect.What a great way for high school students to get into the outdoors. I like that it’s a secure gated campus.
  • I think our students have a lot of access to tech by way of instruction and learning these days. Pali Institute seems to provide a different mode of learning that most students are not used to.
  • I like that the program is outdoors. It gives students opportunities to learn while in a natural environment. I also like that the experiences can be tailored to what teachers want students to learn.
  • Pali is an integrated STEM camp for students to experience science concepts hands on. I LOVE that students are not only taught materials that are common core aligned but also that they are given a chance to do team building and learn life skills. They also LOVE the food :-).

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